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BOOKS by Pastor Tommy Barnett

You can get books authored by Pastor Barnett online NOW!!!! Check it out! Miracle In Your House… Hidden Power…. Dream Again….

2nd Conversions will Rock Your World

After a long awaited return to the pulpit Pastor Tommy Barnett comes back strong.

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Today we go live & are linked!

We are adding product still but we do have enough uploaded to justifiably go live. What we are most excited about is the fact we are linked to . This is a privilege and we are looking forward to supplying churches all over the world with cutting edge ministry solutions! If you have any [...]

Don’t Miss Pastors School “The Transformers Conference” 2011

This year’s Pastors & Leaders School: The Transformers Conference is full of dynamic, community-transforming ideas for your church and ministry.

History is in the making as you join with thousands of pastors and leaders from around the world to discover new ways to revolutionize your church and community with innovative Kingdom-building solutions. As you watch thousands of …..

More to come!

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A Membership to INNOVATE?????

Membership to INNOVATE will give you 4 sessions each month from Tommy Barnett and his Innovative Leadership team delivered to your door each month.

For just $20 a month members receive four relevant yet pioneering sessions on 4 different….

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