Tommy Barnett

Tommy Barnett is the Senior Pastor of Phoenix First Assembly of God in Phoenix, Arizona. The church is known as “the church with a heart” because of its over 275 active outreach ministries.

Tommy Barnett’s life is an example of commitment to reaching out to others and training leaders in church growth and outreach, and for this he has become known as a “pastor’s pastor”. His tenacity and refusal to step down from a challenge have inspired him to take unprecedented leaps of faith in ministry, and by example to encourage pastors and leaders around the world to spread the love of God and change the lives of many through a relentless spirit of servanthood.

His annual Pastors and Leaders School has gathered more than 200,000 leaders over 30 years to train and equip the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders to carry on the work of the ministry. He is also a highly sought-after conference and evangelistic speaker, recently partnering with Joyce Meyer to share the Gospel with more than 400,000 people in India. Tommy Barnett’s ministry has influenced many leaders including high-profile ministers and pastors such Joyce Meyer, T. D. Jakes, Ed Young Jr., Wellington Boone, and Charles Nieman, who call him their pastor.

Luke Barnett

Luke Barnett is the Lead Pastor at Phoenix First Assembly of God in Phoenix, Arizona. Since joining the staff in 2006, Luke’s leadership and vision has enabled Phoenix First to experience revolutionary change in the area of assimilation and new program development. These ministries are but not limited to: APEX, FUSION, Elevate Kidz, 360 Youth Ministries, Converge Couples, The Gate, website development, and social networking.

Luke is a main contributor to the teaching at Phoenix First. He is widely known as a creative communicator who possesses an innovative way of presenting the Gospel that captures listeners’ attention. His unique approach to ministry is an example of his commitment to reaching the lost and inspiring leaders to do the same. Luke has also been actively involved in creative service development and creating church growth. He has developed campaign and message series such as Your Great Adventure, Pray Big, and From Fear to Faith in 40 Days.

Much like his father, Luke felt a need to support other churches and its leaders in the development of programs to improve their ministries. In 2010 he introduced INNOVATE, an online ministry resource center. Innovate provides tools that equip pastors and leaders with ministry enhancements and creative approaches in the communication of the Gospel.